Ongoing Projects

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2021 - Present

Video Game Writing

After writing in various different personal and professional capacities throughout the years, starting in 2021, I began writing for video games. While enrolled in The Narrative Department’s Game Writing Masterclass I during the summer of 2021, I received my first video game writing work helping to write player information and other text for the VR game Totally Baseball. I am currently freelance writing for games. I've written for additional game projects that are currently under NDA.

2021 - Present

Video Game Journalism

Starting in the summer of 2021, I began writing for the Boss Rush Network website, writing gaming news articles, editorials and reviews. In addition I regularly write Boss Rush Banter pieces, a daily featured segment on the website focusing on an open-ended question. In addition I’ve been covering gaming news regularly on my podcast Super Switch Headz since early 2019.

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2021 - Present

TBA Indie Video Game Project

I’m currently in the early pre-production phase of creating an indie video game. Due to the fact that I am still learning a great deal about development, programming, and design, I am holding back details at this time as they are very subject to change. While I expect to release other smaller scale demos and prototypes of different video game projects between now and then, I hope to have this bigger and more ambitious game come out by roughly 2026.


Super Switch Headz

Since February 2019, every week Super Switch Headz puts out a new podcast episode. Each week we have a new guest and discuss gaming, and specifically Nintendo, news and rumors, and then tackle a main topic ranging from silly fun romps about what the best Mario music is to in-depth dives into topics like storytelling in open world games. As part of my duties for the podcast I co-host, prepare the show notes, and help with publishing the episodes.

In addition, I help produce, edit, and co-host the Super Switch Headz affiliated mini-podcast Playing it RONG! in which myself and British streamer AntKeepsGaming play two random old Nintendo games and discuss them each episode.

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2021 - Present

Patrick & Mort

I’m currently in the pre-production phase of creating this puppet based video sketch comedy series. I have already written the first draft of a number of short videos, and filmed some test footage. I’m continuing to work on pre-production and hope to produce and release this project sometime soon.

Live Comedy / Theater

For many years I have performed live comedy and in theatrical productions, such as those I co-wrote and co-produced as part of Buy The Whey. I taught improv for several years as well. I have performed hundreds of improv, sketch and stand-up comedy shows all over Austin, and have performed in various comedy festivals across the country. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic I have not performed much recently, but look forward to getting back on stage soon.